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PHIL 1070

Samantha Service Meno 86c – 100b Reading Questions 1. Meno first explains that men, women, children, and the elderly all have different definitions of virtue. He claims that for men, virtue is being able to both manage public affairs while benefiting your friends and harming your enemies. For women, virtue is managing the home well and taking care of her husband. He claims that for every age and every type of person, there is a different definition of virtue for the individual.After Socrates finds fault with this argument, Menos attempts a new definition. He claims that virtue is to desire beautiful things and to have the power to acquire them. Socrates then adjusts this statement to say that virtue is the acquisition of gold and silver, making Menos’definition seem foolish.After they discuss Meno’s paradox, Socrates decides they should work together to find a definition for virtue. They then decide that virtue is beneficial and good, and they look for what kinds of things benefit them. They also decide that virtue is in the soul. From these two definitions, they decide that if virtue is beneficial and is in the soul, then it must be knowledge and it must be a type of wisdom. They then go on to contradict themselves with the help ofAnytus, and say that there are no teachers of virtue. If there are no teachers, there cannot be learners,
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