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PHIL 1070

Samantha Service Aristotle Questions 1. I think that the main problem with this project would be how to define the ultimate good. Each person has different and conflicting ideas of what is “good,” so how could one define what is the ultimate good? What is good for one individual may be seen as bad to another, so there is no way to consolidate these two differing views to that there can be an ultimate good. I think that what is good is extremely subjective, so there is no universal good that can accommodate all of the varying opinions and beliefs of the world. I think there is no way to define or ever figure out what the universal good is, so we will never be able to reorganize life in order to pursue it. 2. Aristotle first says that political science aims at universal good, because if the state is run well then people consider living a happy and comfortable life to be good. However, although people agree that living comfortably is good, what they mean by that differs. Some consider their wealth to bring happiness, and others believe honor to bring happiness. He says
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