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PHIL 1070

Samantha Service Sedgwick Reading Questions 1. I believe that Sidgwick’s’discussion on the relation between Psychology and ethics seems the most dialectical. Ethics relates to the moral principles that govern a persons’behavior, which ties in directly with the study of the human mind. The study of the human mind requires dialectical thinking because it is such a complex subject. Sidgwick explains that ethical investigation revolves around what is good, desirable, or sought after by men. When relating psychology and ethics, one must ask the question “what constitutes something as morally good or desirable?” However in psychology, debating how “good” is defined in the human mind is controversial. Sidgwick explains that good cannot be seen externally, in such facets such as wealth or bodily health. This begs the question then, what necessarily constitutes “good” inside the human mind? One could debate that to define what is ethical in relation to the study of psychology; you must either look at the emotional side of the human psyche or the virtuous activity of the mind. I believe that since psychology is a social science in which it
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