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Chapter 1-3

Second Treatise of Government - Chapter 1-3 Questions.docx

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John Locke – Second Treatise of Government Chapter I, II, III 1. How does Locke define political power and what does this definitions say about the proper use and goal of political power? (end of Ch I) • Government serves the people and preserves property, and defend it against its own people and foreign forces • Can enlist its people to defend against others • Government does have legitimate use of force (death penalty and lesser penalties) • Government has an ability to create laws 2. What does Locke mean by a “state of liberty” and why is it not a “state of license”, i.e., what are some restrictions of liberty even in this “state of nature”? (Pg 9) • State of license is a state of doing anything you want, but a state of liberty has minimal restrictions meaning you cannot harm oth
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