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Chapter 4-5

Second Treatise of Government - Chapter 4-5 Questions.docx

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PHIL 1071

Chapter IV, V 1. How does Locke argue that a person cannot enslave himself by consent or compact? Under what conditions does Locke think slavery is justified? • Aman cannot part with the freedom of nature because it is so necessary to and closely joined with his preservation • No one can give more power than himself, so he that cannot take his own life cannot take away another’s • Perfect condition of slavery is the state of war continued: for if a compact enter between them and make an agreement for a limited power one on side and obedience on the other, the state of war ceases o Peace between the two, no lives lost 2. How does Locke think that things once held in common can justifiably become private property? • If property stays in common possession then it is useless • They can become private property because the labor of the man’s body, and the work of his hands can be properly said to be his o As a result whatever he removes out of the state of nature, he has mixed wit his labour and joined it to something that belongs to him and makes it his property  This excludes the common right of other men, and he can be the only one to have right to what the nature has been joined to • Mix self into property to a certain extent by mixing labor into it 3. What are the just limits to the accumulation of property in the state of nature? • The limitations to the accumulation of propert
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