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Kant Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals Preface and Section 1.docx

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Kant Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals Preface and Section 1: 1. Explain Kant’s argument for the claim that only the good will is good “without qualification.” Why does he think happiness not good “without qualification”? a. Only the good will is good without qualification because other characteristics such as intelligence, wit, judgment and other talents of the mind can be in many respects good but can also be harmful and bad b. Good will is intrinsically good, not dependent on its effects or accomplishes c. Happiness not good without qualification because reason is not well suited as instinct for purpose, good must be good in itself, without needing to attain something such as happiness 2. Explain Kant’s distinction between actions done merely “in accordance with duty” and actions done “from duty.” a. Actions done form the sake of duty alone are seen as being good, and there is no inclination, but is done out of duty alone b. Actions in accordance with duty are done for other means than the duty itself, such as the grocer who changes his prices to be fair to sell more 3. Why does Kant think that helping others because of the “inner pleasure” it gives you has “no true moral worth”? a. The inner pleasure has no moral truth because it is on the level of
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