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Boston College
PHIL 1091
Andrea S Staiti

READING NOTESChapter 15 About those factors that cause men and especially rulers to be praised or censuredII thought it sensible to go straight to a discussion of an imaginary world For many authors have constructed imaginary republics and principalities that have never existed in practice and never could for the gap between how people actually behave and how they ought to behave is so great that anyoe who ignores everyday reality in order to live up to an ideal will soon discover he has been taught how to destroy himself not how to preserve himselfIIRuler to hold onto power learn how not to be good and know when and when not to use this knowledgeIIIYou have to be astutue enough to avoid being thought to have those evil qualities that would make it impossible for you to retain powerChapter 16 On generosity and parsimonyIBeing generous can be destructiveAWaste money and resources and eventually run dryiPeople will be upset bc of expectations set by ruler and be unhappy with rulerBEither spend your money or someone elsesCWith goods that belong to neither you nor your subjects you can afford to be generous Chapter 17 About cruelty and compassion and about whether it is better to be loved than feared or the reverseImore compassionate to impose harsh punishments on a few than allow disorder to spread because of excessive compassionIIis it better to be loved than feared or vice versaABetter to be bothBBut safer to be fearedCMen areiFickleiiUngratefuliiiDeceptiveivDeceivingvAvoiders of dangerviEager to gainDAs long as you serve their interests devoted to youIIIMen are less nervous of offending someone who makes himself lovable than someone who makes himself frightening For love ataches men by ties of oblication which since men are wicked they break wheneer their interests are at stakeACOMMENT lovable vs being lovedIVFear restrains men afraid of punishment fear never leavesADont provoke hatred thoughBFew reasons to kill people but people care more about possessions than peopleiCOMMENT not necessarily trueChapter 18 How far rulers should keep their wordITwo ways to fightARespect the rules
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