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PHIL 1091
Andrea S Staiti

READING NOTESLeviathan HobbesIOf the Causes Generation and Definition of a CommonwealthAFinal cause of man is the foresight of his own preservation and a more contented lifeBSovereignty by institutionthe authority is instituted when there is a mutual covenant among some people to obey such an authorityCSovereignty by acquisitionwhen people are threatened by a conqueror they enter a covenant for protection by promising obedience IIOf the Rights of Sovereigns by InstitutionACommonwealth is instituted when a multitude of men agree under covenant to entrust all power to one man to make decisions as if they were for himselfBCant break the covenant because it would be injustCBreach of covenant would be breaching the people the same people who agreed to put him in powerDWhoever complains about the ruler is complaing about something he himself authoredENo ruler can justly be put to death because he is being punished for the things his punishers didFWhoever has the right to the ends has the right to the meansOf the Natural Condition of Mankind as Concerning Their Felicity and MiseryIStrength in bodyANo man is vastly different in another that one can claim benefit that another cantBWeakest has just enough strength to defeat the strongestIIStrength in mind
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