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Chapter 2 and 3

TDR 1120 Chapter 2 and 3: Chapter 2 and 3 book notes

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Belmont University
TDR - Theatre and Drama
TDR 1120
Paul Gatrell

Fundamentals of Production Design Textbook Notes Chapters 2 and 3 Chapter 2 Production Processes Every project or show is produced through a production team, in which each member goes through a process - Producer is the top of the production team, responsible for financing the project - Director is second in power, responsible for coordinating all elements of the project into a single vision - Set, lights, sound, and costume designers fall under them - Stage Managers and lower jobs fall under the authority of the others This process involves constant collaboration - Everyone need to know why they take a job and how it influences the work that is done - Members of the production team should always do their best work, and always strive to keep learning more to stay relevant and keep up their craft General Design Process 1. Read the script 2. Meet the director to develop and discuss the concept and to talk about style- presentational vs. representational, what level of realism or naturalism, what level of symbolism 3. Break down the script 4. Do research Symbols and what is available for them Architectural styles: classicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism, postmodernism, expressionism Architectural order: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, composite 5. Design meeting 6. Dra
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