ECON 113 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Somerset V Stewart, Stamp Act Congress, Intolerable Acts

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Chapter 2:
1763- 1789: Revolution, Constitution, A New Nation
American Scriptures: the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution
After the Seven Years’ War, Britain was in debt and began levying various taxes on the
1764: Sugar Act
1765: Stamp Act
- “Sons of Liberty” forms to oppose the act
1765: Quartering Act
1765: “Stamp Act Congress” meets to pass resolutions declaring that the English Parliament did
not have the right to tax the colonies
1766: repeal of the Stamp Act, passage of the Declaratory Act reaffirming parliamentary
authority over the Americas
1767: Townshend Duties
- differentiated between external & internal taxes
1770: Boston Massacre
- British troops kill five protesters throwing stones
1772: Samuel Adams organizes the Committees of Correspondence to coordinate resistance.
1772: London court frees James Somersett, a Massachusetts slave whose owner had brought
him to England
1773: Tea Act
1773: Boston Tea Party
1773: Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts
- closing the Boston harbor
- subjects colonies to direct royal rule
1774: first Continental Congress denounces the Intolerable Acts
- professes loyalty to King George III
- urges him to resist Parliament’s oppressive measures
The Case for Independence
Glorious Revolution of 1689: repudiated James II absolutist claims and formed limited monarchy
American Revolution: would repudiate Parliament’s monarchical claims and form democracy
John Locke, Two Treatises on Civil Government:
- all persons possess a natural right to life, liberty, and property
- governments exist to protect these rights
- the consent of the governed represents the sole basis of political legitimacy
1775: Parliament declared Massachusetts in rebellion
- sends Thomas Gage to crush the uprising
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