GEOG 164 Chapter N/A: Reading - Week 2

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GEOG 164
Hsing You- Tien

Geog 164 Reading Guide Week 2 Spring 2017 Lucien Bianco, 1971 (1967), Origins of the Chinese Revolution, 19151949. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Chapters 4, 5 6. Written four decades ago, Biancos historical account of Chinas communist revolution is still among the best in contextualizing the revolution. It achieved the balance between the big picture and the microanalysis of personal experiences during a horrendous social turmoil and critical historical moment. Chapter 5 Reform or Revolution? 1. What did the Kuomintang (KMT) try to do to remedy the social economic situation in China between 1928 and 1937, the Nanking decade? Why did it faillist at least three reasons that Bianco provided in the text. Use your own words to elaborate on how the relationship between landlord and the KMT itself led to the failure. 2. According to Bianco, what were the historical conditions in China that didnt allow the path of reform, and forced a choice between the Kuomintang and the Communists? Chapter 6 Nationalism and Revolution 1. According to Bianco, what were the two great assets that China had in the face of Japanese aggression between 1938 and 1944? How were these two assets exploited bythe Chinese Nationalists and the Chinese Communists? How did these two assets lead to the Nationalists fall and the Communists rise to power? 2. Bianco suggested that economic reasons alone were not enough to mobilize the peasantryto support and join the communist revolution. What were the other reasons that mobilize the Chinese peasantry, then? (see p.158 on) Do you agree with Bianco on this argument? Whyor whynot?
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