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Molecular And Cell Biology
Natalie Caporale

MCB 61 Book Notes Chapter 1 Section I: Neuroscience in the 21 Century → Clinical focus 1-1: Living with Traumatic Brain Injury ← -many must relearn old skills and compensate for impairments I. Evidence of how brain is organized to create behavior A. Evolution of brain and behavior in diverse animal species B. How the brain is related to behavior in normal people C. How the brain changes in people who suffer brain damage or other brain abnormalities II. Why Study Brain and Behavior? A. The Brain is a physical object and behavior is action, momentarily observable but fleeting. B. 3 Reasons for linking study of brain to study of behavior: i. How the brain produces behavior is a major unanswered scientific question ii. The brain is the most complex living organ on Earth and is found inmany different groups of animals iii.Agrowing list of behavioral disorders can be explained and cured by understanding the brain III. What is the Brain? A. Brain i. Tissue found within in the skull ii. Comprised of the cerebrum and the cerebellum a) Cerebrum • Split into two hemispheres • Controls conscious behavior • Enfolds brainstem • responsible for most of unconscious behavior b) Cerebellum • Behind brainstem and under cerebrum • Specialized for learning and coordinating skilled mvmts B. Brain II i. Brain that exerts control over behavioral ii. Our self IV.Gross Anatomy of the Nervous system A. Composed of Neurons B. Spinal Cord i. descends from brainstem through backbone ii. Connections between brain and body C. CNS (Central Nervous System) i. Encased in bone: brain(skull) and spinal cord(vertebrae) D. PNS(Peripheral Nervous System) i. Neurons and nerve processes outside CNS ii. Sensory connections to skin iii.Motor connections to muscles iv. Sensory and motor connections to internal organs E. How are movement
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