RHETOR 103B Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Roland Barthes, Bourgeoisie, Petite Bourgeoisie

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6 Feb 2017

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Reading for 2/9/2017
Roland Barthes: Miscellaneous reading
- Virtue of wrestling is to be a spectacle of excess
- Distinction between wrestling and boxing
- Wrestling is sum of spectacles
- Wrestler’s function not to win but to perform the gestures expected of him
- Wrestler’s body is the first key to combat
- Public receives great spectacle of Suffering, of Defeat, and of Justice
- Suffering inflicted with emphasis and conviction
- Must understand also why he is suffering
- Defeat is not a way out, but a duration
- Wrestling supposed to imitate a purely moral concept of Justice
- Notion of payment “make him pay”
- Quantitative series of compensations
- Orgy of bad feelings is the indispensable condition of good wrestling - foul play is
- Wrestling represents a mythological combat between Good and Evil
- Wrestling then enacts an idea intelligence of things, a euphoria of humanity
- Wint is felt to be a possession by the French nation, as a totem drink
- Wine supports a varied mythology which is not embarrassed by contradictions
- Its “plastic powers” depend on the users of the myth - workers wine as qualifier,
for the intellectuals wine separates him from cocktails and expensive drinks
- In France intoxication is a consequence not a goal
- Wine is a coercive collective act
- Knowing how to drink is a national technique which serves to qualify a
- Wine is socialized
- VS. Milk
- Wine is mutilating, surgical while milk is cosmetic
- Milk remains an exotic substance vs. wine is the national drink
- Wine’s mythology helps us understand the habitual ambiguity of daily live:
production of wine heavily involved in capitalism
- So, wine cannot be an entirely happy substance, unless we wrongfully forget that
it is also the product of an expropriation
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