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BINGHAMTONCHEM 111Clarice KelleherFall

CHEM 111 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5.1-5.3: Ideal Gas Law, Ideal Gas, Pressure Measurement

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Chem 111 general chemistry by ebbing gammon chapter 5. 1 5. 3. Gasses can be compressed into smaller and smaller volumes. Most of the math around gases
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BINGHAMTONCHEM 101Steven BoyerFall

CHEM 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Decimal Mark, Trailing Zero, Metric System

OC10891333 Page
Measurement: the determination of the dimensions, capacity, quantity, or extent of something. Most common measurements in chemical labs o: mass, volume
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BINGHAMTONCHEM 107Benjamin TurnpennyFall

CHEM 107 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Molar Mass, Formula Unit, Molecular Mass

OC10906463 Page
Identify the number and the type of atoms in the chemical formula. Use the periodic table to obtain the atomic mass of each of the elements present in
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CHEM 101 Chapter 7.3-7.6: Chap 7.3-7.6 Chem - Atoms

OC10698102 Page
Emission spectra continuous or line spectra emitted by substances. Line spectra light emission only at specific wavelengths. Energies that an electron
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BINGHAMTONCHEM 111Clarice KelleherFall

CHEM 111 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6.1-6.2: Thermodynamics, Calorie, Exothermic Process

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