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Chapter 10

ANTHRO 200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Liminality, Vocab (Song), Cargo CultPremium

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Chapter 10 Vocab
Religion Beliefs and rituals concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces
Animism Belief in souls or doubles
Mana Sacred impersonal force in Melanesian and Polynesian religions
Taboo Prohibition backed by supernatural sanctions
Magic Use of supernatural techniques to accomplish specific aims
Ritual Behavior that is formal, stylized, repetitive and stereotyped, performed earnestly as a
social act; rituals are held at set times and places and have liturgical orders.
Rites of passage Culturally defined activities associated with the transaction from one place or
stage of life to another
Liminality The critically important marginal or in-between phases of a rite of passage
Communitas Intense community spirit, a feeling of great social solidarity equality, and
togetherness characteristics of people experiences liminality together.
Leveling Mechanisms Customs and social actions that operate to reduce differences in wealth
and thus to bring standouts in line with community norms.
Shaman A part-time religious practitioner who mediates between ordinary people and
supernatural beings and forces
Communal Religions In Wallace’s typology these religios have i additio to shaaic cults
communal cults in which people organize community rituals such as harvest ceremonies and
rites of passage.
Polytheism Belief in several deities who control aspects of nature
Olympian religions In Wallace’s typology religions that develop with state organization; have
full-time religious specialists professional priesthoods
Monotheism Worship of an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent supreme
Revitalization movements Movements that occur in times of change; in which religious
leaders emerge and undertake to alter or revitalize a society.
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