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BCBIOL 2070butchSpring

BIOL2070 Chapter 1-24: psicology

OC641146181 Page
19 Oct 2015
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BCECON1132Martin KonanSpring

ECON1132 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Fiscal Multiplier, Exchange Rate, Cash Flow

OC8762235 Page
3 Apr 2016
Chapter 12: aggregate expenditure, output determinaion in short run. The sum of consumpion, planned investment, government purchases, and net exports.
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BCPOLI1041Grayson GilmoreFall

POLI1041 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Homo Economicus, Rationality, Young Party

OC4799863 Page
17 Oct 2015
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BCPSYC1111Tim MooreFall

PSYC1111 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Autism Spectrum, Social Trap, Normative Social Influence

OC119544211 Page
27 Sep 2016
Post 40 athletes realize that physical decline accelerates. In women ages 35-39, it is twice as hard to get pregnant after one round of intercourse as
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BCECON1132Richard TreschSpring

ECON1132 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Comparative Advantage, Parthiv Patel, Aggregate Supply

OC8381863 Page
9 Mar 2016
Adverse aggregate supply shocks are shocks that cause the aggregate supply curve. Problem set #8 in the short run to move to the left. They are often c
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PHIL1071 Chapter Notes -Categorical Imperative, Hypothetical Imperative

OC2391412 Page
6 Feb 2014
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BCECON1132Martin KonanSpring

ECON1132 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Foreign Portfolio Investment, Creative Destruction, Human Capital Flight

OC8762236 Page
3 Apr 2016
Chapter 11: long run economic growth: sources and policies. Economic growth is not inevitable (many countries do not grow and live in poverty) Growth =
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BCECON1132Martin KonanSpring

ECON1132 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Fop, Scientific Method, Human Capital

OC8762234 Page
3 Apr 2016
Economics: the study of how socieies choose to best allocate scare resources. Scarcity: limited resources (ime, money, technology) leads to choice. Res
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BCECON1132Martin KonanSpring

ECON1132 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Gdp Deflator, Longrun, Real Interest Rate

OC8762238 Page
3 Apr 2016
9. 1- measuring the employment rate, the labor force paricipaion rate, and the employment- Follows the business cycle unemployment rises with recession
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BCECON1131Richard TreschFall

ECON1131 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1,2: Consumer Sovereignty

OC5625975 Page
5 Oct 2015
Tuesday, september 1, 2015. The consequences of a decision always spread beyond the immediate objectives of the decision. Def: people have made the cho
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BCUNCS2201Sammy ChongFall

UNCS2201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Humanistic Education, Ageism

OC4799862 Page
24 Sep 2015
The humanities, moral education and the contemporary world. Author: robert ginsberg: reasons why the humanities is an excellent foundation for high mor
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BCECON 7750Ryan ChahrourSpring

ECON 7750 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Frictional Unemployment, Unemployment Benefits

OC2378321 Page
7 Mar 2014
The average rate of unemployment in the us is usually around 5 to 6% Natural rate of unemployment the average rate of unemployment around which the eco
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