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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Outline-Nucleic Acids and the Origin of Life.docx

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Boston University
CAS BI 108
Francis Monette

BI108 Chapter 4 Outline: NucleicAcids and the Origin of Life 4.1—WhatAre the Chemical Structures and Functions of NucleicAcids? • Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids • Base pairing occurs in both DNAand RNA • DNAcarries information and is expressed through RNA • The DNAbase sequence reveals evolutionary relationships • Nucleotides have other important roles Summary: The nucleic acids DNAand RNAare polymers made up of nucleotide monomers. The sequence of nucleotides in DNAcarries the information that is used by RNAto specify primary protein structure. The genetic information in DNAis passed from generation to generation and can be used to understand evolutionary relationships. 4.2—How and Where Did the Small Molecules of Life Originate? • Experiments disproved the spontaneous generation of life • Life began in water • Life may have come from outside Earth • Prebiotic synthesis experiments model early Earth Summary: Life doesn’t arise through spontaneous generation. It comes from pre-existing life. Water is an essential ingredient for the emergence of life. Meteorites that have landed on Earth provide some evidence for an extrat
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