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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Alice In Action Notes – Events.docx

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Computer Science
CAS CS 101
Aaron Stevens

Chapter 6 Alice In Action Notes – Events There are 2 steps to making a program respond when an event occurs: 1. Choose (or define) a method providing the behavior to occur in response to the event 2. Tell Alice to invoke that method whenever the event occurs handling the event - Invoking a method in response to an event event handler - a method that is invoked in response to an event is often called an event handler event-driven program - A program that solves a problem or tells a story mainly through events and handlers • If an event should trigger behavior that requires more than one message, we define a method that produces that behavior. (this method is the handler) ◦ create a new event in the events area that invokes the handler - either the method we defined or a single message will produce the proper behavior for the event event source - object from which an event originates logic errors - the mistakes in the logic used in defining an event • Event handling is simultaneous - one thing could happen before another thing finishes ◦ usually works well, but if they are modifying the same property of an object conflicts can rise mouse event - event that is triggered when the user moves the mouse or clicks a mouse button keyboard event - is triggered when the user presses a keyboard key user events - events initiated by a user action program event - triggered when the world starts running, or the program changes the value of a variable or condition Mnemonic Values - ‘a’ is the first letter of ‘ascend’ and ‘d’ is the first letter of ‘descend’, these are easy to remember | the arrows point in the direction the object would go Convenient Positions - ‘a’ and ‘d’ are near one another on most keyboards = easy to control, the 4 arrow keys are grouped together • important to consider human factors when building interactive stories Usability - making programs easy to use Using “when a key is pressed/typed event”: • contains three different handlers: 1. Begin - a handler here is performed once, when the key is first pressed 2. During - a handler here is performed continuously, as long as the key remains down 3. End - a handler here is performed once, when t
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