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Chapter 7

Elements of Journalism Kovach Chapter 7

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COM JO 721
Nick Mills

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Katie Tamola
October 28, 2013
Kovach Ch. 7
This chapter in Kovach opens through the presentation of a common problem
throughout journalism. The chapter immediately presents a situation where a
commentator, Chris Matthews, interviewed a citizen on a popular television network and
put forth inaccurate information. Matthews allowed rumors and shock value to cloud the
journalism of the network. Matthews actions challenged the 7th principle of journalism;
Journalism must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
With the uprising of new forms of technology, it has become increasingly
difficult to maintain journalism as a forum for public criticism and compromise. This is
because technology has become yet another force in producing and nurturing rumors that
can plague good journalism.
As long as a journalist is aware of his or her aims in producing the news and
remembers that the newss key function is to maintain an informed citizenry, journalism
is given hope to remain the proper public forum.
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