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Chapter 4

SMG LA 245 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Fox Television Stations, Precedent, Administrative Law Judge

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SMG LA 245
David Randall

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LA245 - Chapter 4 - Common Law, Statutory Law, and
Administrative Law
Business Law - Professor David Randall
-Common Law - “Judge-made law”
-Stare Decisis “let the decision stand”
Predictability and Flexibility: (1) people must know what the law is (2) some means
to respond to new problems and changing social mores.
CASE: Bystander Cases
Bystander’s obligations: you have no duty to assist someone in peril unless you created
the danger.
Adding “ifs:
CASE: Tarasoff V. Regents of the University of California
Case: Solano V. O’Daniels
Exam Strategy!
Congress split in two: House of Representatives and Senate
Bill “a proposed statue, submitted to Congress or a state legislature”
Veto “The power of the president to reject a legislation passed by Congress”
Committee Work
Why are bills proposed in the first place?
New Issue, New Worry
Unpopular Judicial Ruling
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