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Chapter 7

SMG MK 469 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Integrated Marketing Communications, Retail, Dagmar Marketing

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SMG MK 469
Deborah Utter

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Chapter 7 The Value Of Objectives 223
Know what the company hopes to accomplish through its marketing communications
Many problems can be avoided if all parties write objectives to guide their actions and
serve as a common base for discussing issues
Planning and Decision Making
Phases of a firm’s promotional strategy should be based on the established objectives like
budgeting, creative, public relations etc.
Measurement and Evaluation of Results
Setting specific objectives that provide a benchmark for success or failure of the
promotional campaign can be measured
Should be measurable
Comparing actual performance against measurable objectives is the best way to
determine if the return justifies the expense
Determining Integrated Marketing Communications Objectives 224
IMC objectives should identify marketing and promotional issues that the brand or
company are facing
Marketing vs. Communications Objectives
Marketing objectives: state in the firm’s marketing plan and are states are what
is supposed to be accomplished by the marketing program during a certain time
To be effective they must be realistic and attainable
Integrated marketing communications objectives: states of various aspects of
the IMC program that will be accomplished
Required to deliver the appropriate messages to the target audience
Translate general marketing goals into communication goals and specific
promotional objectives
Sales vs Communications Objects 225 - 232
Sales oriented objectives
The basic reason a firm spends money on advertising and promotion is to sell its
products or services
Determining the ROI from advertising is a difficult task
They don’t know if B2B or B2C makes a bigger impact
They believe objectives should be based on the achievement of sales results
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