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Chapter 4,15

SMG OM 323 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4,15: Radio-Frequency Identification, Information System, Order Fulfillment

Operations & Technology Management
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SMG OM 323
Justin Ren

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House of Quality
· Quality function deployment(QFD) a structured approach for integrating the “voice of
the customer” into both the product and service development process
o Structure of QFD is based on a set of matrices.
o Main matrix relates customer requirements (what) and their corresponding technical
requirements (how)
o Additional features include importance weighting and competitive evaluations
o Correlational matrix is usually constructed for technical requirements; can reveal
conflicting technical requirements
o The key relationship and their degree of importance - the circle with a dot inside
indicates the strongest positive relationship denotes the most important technical
requirement for satisfying customer requirement
o Negative correlation at top of the house designers have to find a way to overcome or
make a trade-off decision
o across the bottom: importance weighting, target values, and technical evaluations
o house of quality sequence begins with design characteristics, then specific
components, then production processes, and finally quality plan.
Supply Chain
· Supply chain the sequence of organizations their facilities, functions, and activities
that are involved in producing and delivering a product or service.
o Begins with basic suppliers of raw materials and extends all the way to the final
§ Facilities include warehouses, factories, processing, distribution centers, retail
outlet, and offices
§ Functions and activities include forecasting, purchasing, inventory
management, information management, quality assurance, scheduling,
production, distribution, delivery, and customer service
· Logistics part of a supply chain involved with the forward and reverse flow of goods,
services, cash, and information; movement of materials, services, cash, and information in a
supply chain.
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