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Chapter 1,4

SMG OM 323 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1,4: Service Design, Technical Analysis, Voice Of The Customer

Operations & Technology Management
Course Code
SMG OM 323
Justin Ren

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Phases in Product Design and Development
· Feasibility analysis entails market analysis (demand), economic analysis (development
cost and production cost, profit potential), and technical analysis (capacity requirements and
availability, and the skills needed)
o Does it fit with the mission?
· Product specifications involves detailed description of what is needed to meet or exceed
customer wants and require collaboration between legal, marketing, and operations
· Process specifications once product specifications are set, attention turns to
specifications for the process that will be needed to produce the product. Weigh in terms of cost,
availability of resource, profit potential, and quality.
· Prototype development one (or a few) units are made to see if there are any problems.
· Design review any necessary changes are made or the project is abandoned.
· Market test used to determine the extent of consumer acceptance. If unsuccessful,
product returns to design review phase.
· Product introduction new product is promoted
· Follow- up evaluations - based on user feedback, changes may be made or forecasts
The Stages of New Product Development Funnel
1. Customer needs, technological possibilities,
2. Concept generation and selections
3. Service design
4. Buyer testing
5. Pilot/ First site
6. Roll out
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