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CAS PH 160
Tian Cao

Chapter 1 Examples and Notes #9: Give an example of a statement. Then give an example of a sentence that is not a statement. Statement: I live in the United States ofAmerica. Not a statement: Can I have three dollars? 1.1 #12: Give an example of an argument with two premises Driving a car is a risk. No one should ever take a risk. Therefore, no one should ever drive a car. 1.1 #13: What is a premise? A statement given in support of another statement 1.1 #20: List three conclusion indicator words (1) Hence, (2) Consequently, (3) Ergo 1.1 #21: Give an example of a short argument that uses one or more indicator words Killing living things is wrong in itself. Deer are living things.And, seeing that hunting deer involves killing them, we can conclude that hunting deer is wrong. 1.2 #2: Indicate whether it is or is not a statement: Do not allow your emotions to distort your thinking Not a statement. 1.3 #8: Indicate whether it constitutes an argument. For each argument specify what the conclusion is: Jesus loves me, for the Bible tells me so. Not an argument. 1.4 #11: Indicate whether it constitutes an argument. For each argument specify both the conclusion and
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