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Chapter 1

CAS RN 203 Chapter 1: Siddhartha Movie Notes – 1972

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CAS RN 203
Abigail Gillman

Siddhartha Movie Notes – 1972  Men had bath now going to temple  Man wants to be a “Satu” – be free and wild o Can’t tell his father but plans to o Will make his father angry  Siddhartha’s father asks him if he would literally stand and wait until he approved – yes o Doesn’t want to disobey his father o He says he can’t stop him o “Like everything, the river returns”  Sid has become great Satu o Learned everything so quickly o Rumors someday he will be a Holy Man  Been searching for knowledge for years – no answer from God  “The cause of suffering is craving self love and attachment” o Remedy = systematic destruction of craving  Sid’s friend wants to be accepted by the “Illustrious One” o Success  Sid decides to go his own way instead of with Govinda  Govinda confused as to how he is meant to follow any teacher o Essentially he is heart broken  Sid may have met a woman? o Camilla o She asks him what he can do  recite poems for a kiss  Camilla amazed he can read & write o Think
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