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Chapter 23

FA 30B Chapter 23: Art in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1750 – 1789

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Fine Arts
FA 30B
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Chapter 23 Outline Art in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1750 – 1789 Pages 785 – 819 Neoclassicism in France Painting and Sculpture: Expressing Enlightenment Values  Jean – Baptiste Greuze’s The Village Bride was exhibited in the Salon (an exhibition of members of the Royal Academy in the Louvre). The moment shows a wedding right after the father has handed his son-in-law a dowry, which is recorded by a notary on the right. The figures are virtuous and filled with emotion. They have been compared to the noble figures in the works of Poussin. The painting was greatly admired and influenced by Denis Diderot. The Climax of Neoclassicism: The Paintings of Jacques – Louis David  Jacques – Louis David's The Oath of the Horatii set the standard for the Neoclassical with its classical formal qualities and moralizing content. The story is drawn from Roman history and highlights the heroic character of the figures who have sworn t
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