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Chapter 27

FA 30B Chapter 27: Toward Abstraction- The Modernist Revolution, 1904 - 1914

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Fine Arts
FA 30B
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Chapter 27 Outline Toward Abstraction: The Modernist Revolution, 1904 - 1914 Pages 945 - 981 Fauvism • Matisse’s Woman with a Hat uses intense, vivid colors. The work was exhibited at the Salon d’ Automne. The colors are not used to represent a specific object, instead they contrast with the colors around them. The work takes influence from Cezanne. • Matisse's Luxe, Calme, et Volupte takes influence from the Pointillism that Seurat used. Individual brushstrokes and dots of vibrant and vivid colors are used. The colors are intense and characteristic of the Fauvists (“wild beasts”). • Matisse's The Joy of Life takes influence from earlier exhibited paintings by Gauguin. The work uses curvilinear forms to make the painting sensuous. Figures appear to dissolve into one another and is increasingly more abstract than the artist’s earlier works. Characteristic of Fauvism is the use of juxtaposition in the interaction of the bright and vivid colors. • Matisse's The Red Studio primarily uses the color red. The scene depicts the artist's studio. White lines depict furniture, such as the chair and table, and are actually slivers of canvas as opposed to painted lines. Matisse uses abstraction to convey a soothing expression. The work differs from his earlier style (example: the color is more subdued). Cubism • Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein was commissioned by the notable patron Stein and takes influence from archaic Iberian sculpture. In response to criticisms of likeness, Picasso said that “in the end she will manage to look just like it”. Her face is mask – like, reflecting the work’s influence from Iberian sculpture. • Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d' Avignon refers to a “red-light” district in Ba
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