ELED 120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Developmental Science

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8 Feb 2017

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Chapter 1
Blended Families: parents, children, and stepchildren merged into families through remarriages.
Child Development: the study of human growth and change in the physical, cognitive,
emotional, social, and personality realms from conception through adolescence-about to age 20.
Coactions: joint actions of nature and nurture, or heredity and environment, working together in
interactions to produce growth and development.
Cognitive Development: changes in problem solving, memory, language reasoning and other
aspects of thinking.
Cohort: a group of people who share the same historical context because they were born during
the same time period.
Context: the total setting or situation that surrounds and interacts with a person or event.
Continuous Development: a gradual continuing process of increase (or decrease) in abilities,
knowledge, skills, strength or other aspects of physical cognitive, and social development
“more of the same.”
Critical Periods: a time when certain abilities, such as language, must develop. If those
opportunities are missed the abilities may never develop.
Culture: the knowledge, values, skills, rules, attitudes, and traditions that guide the behavior of
a group of people and allow them to solve the problems of living in their environment.
Development: orderly, adaptive changes we go through from conception to death.
Developmental Science: the multidisciplinary study of human growth and change from
conception until death often called lifespan development.
Developmental Systems Theories: explanations of development and human diversity that focus
on understanding change by studying co-actions and interactions in the different ecological
systems of human life.
Discontinuous Development: leaps and changes resulting in qualitatively different stages of
Emotional/Social Development: changes over time in an individual’s feelings, personality, self-
concept and relations with other people.
Ethnicity: a cultural heritage shared by a group of people.
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