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Chapter 3

BUS 346 Chapter 3: Social Media

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BUS 346
Jason Varley

The 4E Framework for Social Media o Social media: media content used for social interactions such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter Excite the Customer Educate the Customer Experience the Product or Service Engage the Customer Categories of Social Media Social Network Sites o Facebook o LinkedIn o Google+ MediaSharing Sites o YouTube o Instagram o Flickr and Other Photo Sites ThoughtSharing Sites o Blogs Blog: a web page that contains periodic posts; corporate blogs are a new form of marketing communications Corporate blog: a website created by a company and often used to educate customers Professional blog: website written by a person who reviews and gives recommendations on products and services Personal blog: website written by a person who receives no products or remuneration for his or her efforts o Microblogs Microblog: differs from traditional blog in size; consists of short sentences, short videos, or individual images. Ex: twitter Going Mobile and Social Showrooming: customers visit a store to touch, feel, and even discuss a products features with a sales associate, and then purchase it online from another retailer at a lower price App Pricing Models o Adsupported app: apps that are free to download, but place ads on the screen when using the program to generate revenue o Freemium app: apps that are free to download, but include inapp purchases Inapp purchase: when a game or app prompts or allows customers to make small micropurchases to enhance an app or game.
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