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CSUNMKT 304Franck VigneronSpring

MKT 304 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7-11: Target Market, Customer Service, Product Differentiation

OC107494916 Page
Chapter 7: customer driven market strategy: creating value for target customers. Market segmentation: dividing a market into smaller segments of buyers
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CSUNMKT 304Franck VigneronSpring

MKT 304 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12-17: Marketing Channel, Discount Store, Inventory Control

OC107494914 Page
Supply chain may be too limited, as it takes a make and sell view of the business. It suggest that raw materials, productive inputs and factory cpacity
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CSUNCHEM 101LDr.Nguyen- GraffFall

CHEM 101L Chapter Notes - Chapter 4.2: Chemical Formula, Cyclopropane, Alkyne

OC10640853 Page
Our first classification of organic compounds are alkanes: Alkanes are a specially classified group of organic compounds that carry straight chains of
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CSUNSOC 150Teresa K MaddenFall

SOC 150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Social Dynamics, Ralf Dahrendorf, Bourgeoisie

OC18142768 Page
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CSUNMKT 304Franck VigneronSpring

MKT 304 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Social Media Marketing, Market Segmentation, Marketing Management

OC107494927 Page
Mkt 304 with professor vigneron principles of marketing 16th edition notes. The process of which companies create value for customers and build strong
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CSUNPOLS 155Boris E RicksSpring

POLS 155 Chapter chapter1: chapter one

OC24868752 Page
Today my journal will be about how the government is separated and has power, but is distributed in between the politics. The reason to why we have pol
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CSUNRS 100Ingrid WilkersonFall

RS 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter Livingston #2: Hermeneutics, Anthropomorphism, Antony Flew

OC13996014 Page
Understanding the role of religion and culture=anthropology, analyzing religious text= literature. We often associate religion with theology (from the
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CSUNPOLS 155KasehFall

POLS 155 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: James A. Garfield, Grover Cleveland, Federalist No. 10

OC114331315 Page
Before the constitution: the colonial and revolutionary experiences: the declaration of independence, the articles of confederation, a nation dissolvin
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CSUNECE 320LDr.ZahidSpring

ECE 320/L Chapter 1.5: 007 ASCII and Other Weighted Codes

OC10640854 Page
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CSUNSOC 150Kay PihFall

SOC 150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Operationalization, Informed Consent, Social Forces

OC12607132 Page
General study of sociology allow us to see how our individual lives are related to the social forces that exist beyond us. Deductive approach: start wi
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CSUNPHYS 220AFarisa MoralesSpring

PHYS 220A Chapter Notes - Chapter 2.1-2.2: Asteroid Family, Dublin Institute For Advanced Studies

Apple Pie5 Page
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CSUNPSY 150Cheryl Mattson Summer

PSY 150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5-10 : Conditioned Taste Aversion, Critical Period, Magical Thinking

OC246264219 Page
What is learning : an enduring ( continuing or long lasting change in are behavior or thinking. Results from experiences: habituation get used to it co
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