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Chapter 2

MKTG 345 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Social Media Marketing, Swot Analysis, Social Commerce

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MKTG 345

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Chapter 2 Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Plan
Outline for a Social Media Marketing Plan
1. Conduct a situation analysis and identify key opportunities
2. State objectives
3. Gather insight into target audience
4. Select social media zones and vehicles
5. Create an experience strategy encompassing selected zones
6. Establish an activation plan
7. Manage and measure
Steps in-depth
Step 1: Construct a situation analysis and identify key opportunities
what to ask when conduction a situational analysis with reference too possible
Internal Environment
- What activities exist in the marketing plan which can be leveraged for social
media marketing?
- What is corporate culture?
- What resources exist that can be directed to social media activities?
- Is the organization already prepared internally for social media activities
(in terms of policies and procedures)?
External Environment
- Who are our customers? Are they users of social media?
- Who are our competitors?
- What are the key trends in the environment which may affect our decisions
regarding social media marketing?
SWOT Analysis: strengths weakness opportunities threats
Step 2 : state objectives and set budget
-What does the organization expect to accomplish through social media
marketing? (promotional objectives, service objectives, retail objectives,
research objectives)
What is a good objective?
-specific (what, who, when, where)
-Specify the desired change (from a baseline)
-Include a time line
-consistent and realistic (given other corporate activities and resources)
Budgeting Methods
Percentage of ad spend: Assigns a set portion of the overall advertising budget
for the organization to social media activities.
Competitive parity method: Uses competitors’ spending as a benchmark.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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