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GEOG 304 Chapter 1-2: SOCI 420 reading notes 1

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GEOG 304
Paul Z Melcon

Sociology 420 Reading Notes: Chapter 2: 3 Main Points: 0. Some of the first theories that came from sociology were during 2 major time periods of our history, The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Humans during this time period were very optimistic with the ideas surrounding human beings and human societies. During this period humans believed that nature could be tamed, because they were studying “natural laws” of our universe. 0. Although the majority of people during the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution were optimistic about being able to tame nature, there was a man who was thinking centuries ahead of their time. His name was Thomas Robert Malthus, and he believed the population grew geometrically(2,4,8,16,32), and the amount of land put under cultivation and food output grew arithmetically(1,2,3,4). 0. The Ecological Modernization Theory Either- 3 questions, or make 3 informed comments, or a combination of the two: 0. I can understand how back then they thought that nature could be tamed or manipulated. This was during a time period where people believed in magic and the “supernatural” as a realistic explanation for why things happen the way they do. While they were starting to study the “natural laws” of our universe, they began to think that because they were understanding these fundamental laws of the universe, that they had unlocked the secrets to life an
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