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GEOG 304 Chapter 3-4: SOCI 420 reading notes 3

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GEOG 304
Paul Z Melcon

Economy Chapter 3,4 3 Main Points: 0. Chinas Economic Miracle 0. Public Health 0. Environmental Cost Either- 3 questions, or make 3 informed comments, or a combination of the two: 0. One of the biggest contributions to Chinas economic miracle is the central government’s decision in the early 1980s was to devolve authority for economic development to the provinces, while conferring provincial status on a number of cities. The result of this was the response of the Local government and Chinese Communist Party to have new incentives to expand with entrepreneurial ideas and energy. They found foreign investors to support new local industries, this also sparked local initiatives, then local and international growth skyrocketed. 0. January 2009 the National Population and Family Planning Commission announced that every thirty seconds, a baby is born with birth defects that are directly correlated to pollution and dietary habits in China. These numbers are constantly increasing. In 2008 villagers in Duqibao were poisoned by an iron-rich effluent dumped by a mining company into a local stream. The water was measured to have a concentration of 11 times greater than the acceptable level. There are numerous cases of very similar involving China’s rural residents to be exposed to dangerous amounts of chemicals, and air pollution. Annually, 700,000 people die in China du
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