RECR 250 Chapter 14: CH 14 Meetings, COnventions, & Expos

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Recreation and Parks Management
RECR 250
Morgan Geddie

4/14/17 CH 14 Notes (copy down missed notes once PPT is up) - Devel. of Mtngs, Conventions & Expos Industry o Size/freq. of activities increased as cities became more regional centers o Ass. go back many cent.  Guilds in Europe created during Middle Ages  Ass. began in US @ beginning of 18 cent. w/Rhode Island candlemakers - Size & Scope of Industry o Hospitality/tourism industry ass.:  Amer. Hotel/Lodging Ass.  Ntnl Restaurant Ass  Amer. Culinary Federation  Intntl Ass. of CVBs  Hotel Sales & Mktng Ass. Intntnl  Mtng Planners Ass.  Club Managers Ass. of Amer.  Pro Convention Mgmnt Ass. o Ass. = main independent pol. force for industries like hospitality  Benefits:  Gov./pol. voice  Mktng avenues  Ed.  Member services  Networking o Hold annual conventions  Fixed locations/alternate locations - Key Players in the Industry o CVBs, mtng planners & their clients, convention centers, specialized services, exhibitions o CVBs = maj. partic. in mtngs, conventions, & expos mkt.  CVB: non-prof. umbrella org. that rep. urban area that tries to solicit bus./pleasure seeking visitors  Represents: o Trans. o Hotels/motels o Restaurants o Attractions o Suppliers  5 respons.: o 1. Enhance img. of tourism in local/city area o 2. Mkt. area/encourage ppl to visit/stay longer o 3. Target/encourage selec ass. & oth. to hold mtngs, conventions, & expos in city o 4. Assist ass./oth. w/convention prep & give supp. during convention o 5. Encourage tourists to partake in historic, cult., & rec opp. that city/area has to offer  Sales manager invites mtng, convention, or expo org. to make familiarization trip (FAM trip)  Indiv. properties/oth. orgs. make their own proposals to client - Destination Mgmnt Companies o DMC: service org. w/in visitor industry that offers host of programs/services to meet client’s needs  Work closely w/hotels & travel incentive houses  Obtain leads from:  Hotels  Trade shows  CVBs  Cold calls  Incentive houses  Mtng planners  Sales manager staff/team:  Special events manager  Accounts manager  Theme-events creative director  AV specialist  Op manager - Mtng Planners o Mtng planners: independent contractors who contract out their service to ass./corp. as need arises OR full-time emp. of corp./ass. o Mtng planner role:  Pre-planning activities  On-site activities  Post-mtng activities - Service Contractors o Service contractors: indiv. respons. for providing all services needed to run trade show  Hired by expo show manager/ass. mtng planner  Service contractor serves many needs of exhibitor i.e. resos, online services, etc. - Types of Mtngs, Conventions, & Expos - Mtng Types o Clinic: workshop style mtng where attendees often learn by doing o Forum: mtng w/open discussion of common concerns o Seminar: lecture/dialog by expert discussion ldr that allows partic. to share exper. o Symposium: led by expert on partic. subject/opinions gathered o Workshop: small group led by trained facilitator inc. lecture, exercises & activities designated to enhance learning - Purpose of Mtngs o Mtngs = held to affect behav. o Mtngs occ. for many reasons:  Pres. of new items (sales mtng)  Recog./reward  To meet legal re
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