MGT-2010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: World Economy, Multinational Corporation, E-Commerce

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MGT 1020
Chapter 4: Global Management: Managing Across Borders
4.1 Globalization: The Collapse of Time and Distance
What three important developments of globalization will probably affect me?
Competition & Globalization: Who Will Be No.1 Tomorrow?
o Globalization is the trend of the world economy towards becoming a more
independent system
o The Rise of the “Global Village” & Electronic Commerce
Great civilizations are based on their communications systems
From Transportation to Communication
Global village refers to the “shrinking” of time and space as air
travel and the electronic media have made it easier for the people
around the globe to communicate with each other
The Net, the Web, & the World
E-commerce, aka electronic commerce, the buying and selling of
products and services through computer networks
E-commerce is a growing market
o One Big World Market: The Global Economy
Fall of the Berlin Wall signaling the beginning of the end of communism
in Eastern Europe
Second signal Asian countries began to open their economies to foreign
Third was the worldwide trend of governments deregulating their
Global economy refers to the increasing tendency of the economies of the
world to interact with one another as one market instead of many national
Positive Effects
Eventually worldwide economic growth will lead to more
prosperity and higher living standards
Negative Effects
Outsourcing of labor
Job instability in US
o Cross-Border Business: The Rise of Both Megamergers & Minifirms Worldwide
Megamergers Operating Worldwide
Some companies aren’t suited to be midsize – they need to grow
Minifirms Operating Worldwide
Internet allows almost anyone to be global the result
o Small companies can get started more easily
o Small companies can maneuver faster
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