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Life Science
LIFE 102

02/04/13 Chap 5. Life 102  Review session Feb 15-Friday @ 4pm in this room.  Which of the following is not a name for a lone hydrogen nucleus? (Hydronium Ion)  Glucose has a special place in a chemist’s life. It is made in photosynthesis.  Fructose is sweeter to the human tongue.  Glucose and galactose are enantiomers.  Glucose wraps around and makes a ring and one hydrogen atom has to leave and connects to this oxygen atom  Table sugar.  A sting of carbon atoms and number them to know which one is which. (Glycosidic linkage)  Plants get through the winter and power chemical reactions. They are living off the starch from last summer and store as granules within chloroplasts.  Glycogen for animals and humans.  Cellulose is in paper and flattened. We steal ot from the plants to create our own things. Cellulose is a polymer and the linkages are the linkages of cellulose.  When there are differences they react differently. Whether it is straight format or not.  Enzymes are tools it is what they do.  Lipids are hydrophobic. Oxygen atoms are very grabby. Mainly hydrogen and carbon atoms.  Fats are constructed from two types of smaller molecules, glycerol and fatty acids.  Unsaturated fats are healthier and they prevent clotting of fatty tissue.  Enantiomers are like mirror images. ATP is an acronym for which of the following? (Energy Transfer Molecule) adenosine triphosphate. An estradiol, what is the functional group that is circled (HO) hydroxyl group Enzymatic proteins • Funtion selective acceleration of chemical reactions • Ex. Digestive enzymes catalyze the hydrolysis of bonds in food molecules. • Glucose and sucrose go their own way and provide energy Storage Proteins • Function Storage all
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