PHIL 100 Chapter 12: Moving from Medieval to Modern Philosophy

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PHIL 100
Richard B Mc Kita

Chapter 12: Moving from Medieval to Modern Philosophy God Made the World for Us Skeptical Thought Revived • Finite & Earth-centered Montaigne: revived ancient skepticism • A stage for the drama of humanity • Montaigne “defense” of Raymond Sebond: • Governed by final causes argues Sebond’s arguments for Christianity • Dante are as good as any—no good at all. o Integration: religious meaning & fact Ptolemy: Egyptian astronomer: Earth-centered Montaigne says that _______________. ➢ … man, who could not make a mite, is crazy, making gods by the dozen. In the Aristotle-Ptolemy-Dante picture of the world____. ➢ … heaven is understood to be quite literally up above us. Copernicus: Polish astronomer who devised a system of the universe that did not put the earth in Empyrean: A place of pure light. the center. • For Christians, the dwelling place of God Kepler: Astronomer who first accurately set out the and the destination of saved souls. laws governing movement of the planets, taking the sun as the center; mathematics the key to Virgil: Roman poet, author of The Aneid (the story of Aneas’ journey from Troy to found the city of understanding the universe. Rome), and Dante’s guide through hell and Galileo: the first to view the heavens through a purgatory in his The Divine Comedy. telescope; deviser of laws of motion that apply Celestial Spheres: revolve in immutable splendor equally to celestial and earthly bodies. very different from Earth. New Scientific Theories: Level of Hell is order of least to worst punishment: OLD: The universe is thought to be finite. NEW: The universe is thought to be infinite. Lust, Glutton, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride Beatrice: Representation of Christian love. Dante’s OLD: Celestial matter is different from terrestrial. guide to th
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