PHIL 100 Chapter 5: The Trial and Death of Socrates

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PHIL 100
Richard B Mc Kita

The Trial and Death of Socrates Euthyphro: The problem with defining piety as what all the gods Why Socrates is at court: love is that it ________. ➢ …gives only an external characteristic of piety. Meletus: Chief accuser of Socrates at his trial. The charges against Socrates: Apology: The charges against Socrates include ________. Socrates draws a line from the start between himself ➢ …corrupting the youth. and his accusers. The Earlier Accusers: What do they say? • No belief in the gods, but introducing others. • Investigate things in heavens & under earth. o Corrupting the youth. • He makes the weaker argument stronger. Why Euthyphro is at court: • He teaches these things to others for pay. • Prosecuting his father for murder. Socrates' Replies: o Drunken father killed servant. • The story of the Oracle at Delphi and how Divine Sign: Voice that came to Socrates, not he came to take up his profession. advising positively; prevents him doing wrong. • Questioning the politicians, the poets, and the craftsmen. Socrates “divine sign” prevents ___________. Oracle at Delphi: Religious authority that could be ➢ …Socrates from doing or saying certain things. asked questions; answers often ambiguous meaning. Said that no one was wiser than Socrates. • The Question: What is Piety? The topic of Plato’s dialogue, Euthyphro. What we owe to the divine in the way of attitudes and What does Socrates conclude that the god means by behavior. human wisdom? ➢ …k
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