BIO 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Atomic Number, Chemical Bond, Electronegativity

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2 Oct 2016

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Bio 110 chapter 2: essential chemistry for biology. Matter anything that occupies space and possesses mass (measure of the amount of material in an object) Ex. ) table salt (sodium chloride, equal parts na + cl: each element consists of one kind of atom, elements determined by their atomic number (number of protons in an atom) Atom smallest unit of matter that still retains an element"s properties. Isotopes forms of an element that differ in mass; elements that have the same number of protons and electrons but a different number of neutrons. Electron arrangement and the chemical properties of atoms. Only electrons are directly involved in chemical activity of a cell. Electrons have more energy the further they are from the nucleus. Chemical bonds the attraction of atoms together through chemical reactions (which allow atoms to gain or lose electrons to complete their outer electron shells)