ENG 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 0: Academic Writing

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24 Apr 2020

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What impact has the reading had on you-as a person,student, scholar,and
researcher?What doubts or questions do you still have about the text?What addition
information would you like to have?
Be clear about your purpose in reading.If you need to understand and remember the
text, remind yourself to read carefully and avoid skimming or skipping around.
Close Facebook and other pages that may distract you from reading.
Learn how to take notes on PDF files and documents.Then you can make notes as you
read on-screen, just as you would when reading a print text.Or take notes on paper.
Reading PDFs and websites in full screen mode will clear away clutter and make it
easier to focus on the text.
Look up terms on the internet as you read, making a note of definitions you may need
For really high-stakes readings, consider printing out the text to read.
Use standard edited english, use clear and recognizable patterns or organization, make
logical relationships between ideas appropriate support.
Present your ideas as a response to others, Express your ideas clearly and directly, Be
aware of how genres and conventions vary acros disciplines.
Document sources using the appropriate citation style,
Use clear and recognizable patterns of Organization
Academic writing is organized in away thats clear and easy for readers to recognize.In fact,
writers generally describe the pattern explicitly early in a text including a THESIS sentence that
states the main point and says how the text is structured.At the level of the paragraph the
opening sentence generally serves as a TOPIC SENTENCE, which announces what the
paragraph is about. Readers of academic writing expect such signals for the text as a whole and
for each paragraph, even within shorters texts like essay exams.Sometimes you’ll want to
include headings to make it easy for the readers to locate sections of text.
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