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Chapter Short story reader

CTVA 309 Chapter Notes - Chapter Short story reader: Robert Siodmak

Cinema and Television Arts
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CTVA 309
Hamidou Soumah
Short story reader

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“The Short Story” Notes
Christopher Nolan
!likes short stories more - more room for interpretation
3 strategies for expanding short into feature
!1. Concentration: keep most elements, concentrate them in beginning, middle,
and end, fill the rest
!ex: “The Killers” by Robert Siodmak of Hemingway’s short
!2. interweaving: keep most elements, disperse elemtents throughout (not nec.in
orig. order), added elemnts interspersed
!ex: ”The Swimmer” by Frank Perry of John Cheever’s short
!3. Point-of-departure: drop most elements, add an invented narrative
!ex: “Memento” By Christopher Nolan of Jonathan Nolan’s short “Memento
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