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Chapter 16

CTVA 309 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Walter Benjamin, Portrait Photography, Forego

Cinema and Television Arts
Course Code
CTVA 309
Hamidou Soumah

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Chaptern 16 Notes
Walter Benjamin
Considered 1930s new age
Unique existance of work of art - only thing lacking in reproduction
Tech rep. is more independent than manual reproduction
tech. rep. can place original in situations originak can not attain
Tech devalues here and now of artwork
Perception changes just as modr of existence (of human collectives)
Aura - “strange tissue of space and time: the unique apparition of a distance
!tech brings decay of aura
By assimilting it as a reproduction, masses want to:
!get closer to things
!overcome things’ uniqueness
Alignemnt of reality with masses and masses with reality - important for
Unique value of authentic work of art is rooted in ritual
Negatice theology of art
!“pureart - rejects social function and representaional content
Photography was rst time ever that art did not have to be tied to ritual
!designed for reproducibility
Art went from being founded in ritual to being founded in politics
Two poles of art:
!cult value - magic, often not seen. Emancipation of art from ritual increase
!exhibition value
First tech - culminate in human sacrifice- holds good for eternity
!sought to master nature
Second tech - remote controlled aircraft, no need for human crew - experiments and
tests, wholly provisional
!focus on interplay between humanity and nature
!!primary function of art today
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