GEOL 3070 Chapter 14.4-14.6: 14.4-14.6 Coral Reef

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Geological Sciences
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GEOL 3070
Thomas Marchitto

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14.4-14.6: Coral Reef Monday, April 24, 2017 4:53 PM 14.4: Animals of the Soft Substrates • Porosity: the amount of space between particles ○ Determined by the size and shape of the sediment particles and the organic content of the sediment • Permeability: how easily water moves through sediment ○ Determined by the size of the spaces between the particles and the availability of dissolved oxygen • The finer the mud particles, the tighter they pack together and the slower the exchange of water • Detritus: any loose material, especially decomposed, broken, and dead organic materials ○ Formed from plant and algal material that is degraded by bacteria and fungi • Bioturbation: reworking of sediments
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