HIST 1061 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1.3-1.6: Palatine Hill, Vestal Virgin, Tiber

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8 Feb 2017

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Livy Readings
Romulus: The Vestal Virgin was raped and gave birth to twins. The king imprisoned the mother
and ordered the twins to be drowned. Destiny would not allow the guards to successfully enter
the Tiber river to drown the twins so they left them at the bank of the river hoping the tide
would take them. Then a wolf came by and heard the cries of the children. She nursed the twins
until a herdsman named Faustulus found them and took them to his hut. He and his wife
Larentia raised the two boys. The twins would prevent robberies from happening. One day,
some gang members wanted revenge on the twins. Romulus does not fall for the trap but
Remus does. The gang members said that he and Romulus were stealing cattle from Numitor
and so Remus was to be punished by Numitor. Faustulus knew the twins were of royal blood
and told them and Numitor. Then, they kill the king and take over Palatine. They begin to make
colonies where they were originally placed to die. They get ito a fight aout ho’s older
(because they are twins) and consult the gods. 6 vultures fly over Remus, 12 fly over Romulus
therefore Romulus is older. There are two stories to this either a. Remus was killed in a scuffle
or . Reus juped oer Roulus’ all ad Roulus killed hi to sed a essage. Either ay
Remus be dead and Romulus is the sole king of Palatine Hill, which he renamed Rome after
himself. In order to fortify Rome, Romulus made a sacrifice in the name of the Greek myth
Hercules to help protect the city. Then Romulus enforced laws on his subjects. He also gave his
title more power so that they would respect his authority. He also created the 12 lictors (senior
advisors) and 100 senators to help him make laws. Rome became a place of refuge for
hoeless ad destitute folks. The o’s groth as a essetial first step toards Roe’s rise
to greatness. However, intermarriage was banned between cities. Romulus had to change that
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