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Chapter 11.4

MATH 2400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11.4: Linear Approximation, Differentiable Function, Tangent Space

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MATH 2400
Markus Steindl

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Anna Pyle
University of Colorado Fall 2016
MATH2400 Calculus 3
Textbook: CALCULUS concepts & contexts 4 James Stewart
Tangent Planes and Linear Approximations
Tangent Planes
oThe tangent plane to the surface S at the point P is defined to be the plane that contains
both tangent lines T1 and T2
oThe tangent line S at P consists of all possible tangent lines at P to curves that lie on S
and pass through P
oTangent plane equation is below
Linear Approximations
oLinear approximation or tangent plane approximation (see below)
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