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Chapter 6-7

PSCI 1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6-7: Hubris, Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

Political Science
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PSCI 1101
Anand Sokhey

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Chapter 6: the Presidency
“The Power to Persuade,” from Presidential Power, Neustadt
oGap between what public expects of president and president’s actual
oNeustadt’s way of looking at the office
Formal powers = constitutional powers in Article II and
statutory powers granted by Congress are NOT most important
Prez can’t get his way by command (orders to subordinates)
Why? Bc “separate institutions sharing power” means that
other actors have ind. Sources of power and can refuse to
Everybody has their own vantage points – responsibilities,
constituencies, office demands, resources, interests…
.’. KEY to presidential power is power of persuasion…comply
with the prez bc doing so is in their interest
How? Bargaining, making deals, compromises
“Perspectives on the Presidency,” from The Presidency in a Separated System,
oHow powerful is the prez? Can he degrade into imperial despot, or
will separation of powers prevent that?
oPrez = only one player in American gov.
Responsibility is diffused – not the only one with power
Bulk of activity is independent of president
Ex: Bush had to work with Democratic Senate to achieve his
Prez = part of larger “separated system” – Congress, courts,
bureaucracy can shape policy
“Triumphant Obama faces New Foe in ‘Second-Term Curse’” Clymer
o‘second-term curse’ = second terms are less successful than first
terms, esp. domestically
Presidents push best ideas when first in office, so don’t have
whole new set in the second
Choose best members of the White House staff/cabinet when
first take office, second term successors not as good
Victory  second term hubris, “landslides are dangerous to the
“Beware Obama’s Big Ideas” Cavanaugh
oObamaCare (Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection)
oLibyan War
oAs you get more regulation, you get less law
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