BIO 201 Chapter 12: Muscles

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3 types of muscles cardiac, skeletal, smooth cardiac - striated but small. Joined in series by junctions called intercalated disks. Automated control skeletal - attached to the bone (movement and control) Striated due to alternating light and dark bands. Large fibers, multinucleated smooth - primary muscle of internal organs. Primary function to influence material into, out and within body. Small fibers, lack striations antagonistic muscles muscle move bones in opposite directions can pull on bone but not push a bone flexion - moves bones closer extension - moves bones away from each other. Skeletal muscle bulk of the body with 40% of body weight position and move skeleton attached to bones by tendons made of collagen origin of muscle. End of muscle that is attached closest trunk or stationary bone insertion of muscle. More distal or more mobile attatchment antagonistic muscle groups flexor. Bones attached to a muscle connected by joint, contracts extensor.