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Chemical Engineering Chemistry
CHEC 352
Jason Aran

The New Economic Policy saved Russia from the brink of destruction. There were many different problems that were facing Russia before the NEP was passed. The country already suffered from the effects of War Communism due to the fact that the Reds needed supplies to win the Civil War against the whites. By doing this the economy of Russia began to suffer, but the NEP helped to stabilize the economy back to normal. The NEP restored some ideas of Capitalism back to the country which saved it from getting destroyed. Peasants and workers were furious at the Bolsheviks unfair policies and they were about to revolt if no action was taken. The NEP improved the common lives of the peasants and working class which saved the country from an uprising. Different economic reforms were passed to save the country from War Communism. Most of them changed the policies dealing with War Communism but some of them dealt with introducing capitalism back to Russia. Even though Lenin was a communist, even he knew they had to switch to Capitalism to save their hold of power even if it meant the communists had to deal with it. Passing the NEP was a excellent idea to save Russia from many different conflicts. Russia was in deep trouble in their economy after War Communism. Lenin had to put the New Economic Policy in place because War Communism was drowning the country in poverty for many different reasons like malnutrition, famine, and lack of resources(Glaza 1). This caused many people to suffer and have nothing to eat which made the peasants revolt for lack of grain. The economy in general was in ruins because no one had money for anything. War Communism was a method used by the Bolsheviks to get enough materials to fight back against the Whites to win(Trueman). Although it resulted in the Bolsheviks winning and keep their hold of power over Russia, the economy was ruined. However, the NEP got passed and it did many different things to stabilize the economy. This was very important to the Bolsheviks because if Lenin didn’t do what he had done, the Bolsheviks would be facing a revolution of their own people(The Economic Policy). Peasants were already furious at the grain requisitioning policy that the Bolsheviks implanted during War Communism. The Kronstadt sailors were soldiers that helped the Bolsheviks during the capture of their power were now siding with the workers/peasants to help revolt against them. This told us how little the people supported the Bolsheviks if their own people are thinking about revolting. Now that the NEP was passed, business started to flow back into the streets like shops, cafes and by 1923, cereal production was increased by 23% and factory production by 200%(Corin and Feihn 55). Prosperity flowed back into the country and life was going back to normal just like it was before the Civil War occurred. Factories and small scale industries started to rise again. This meant that people could produce items that is used in general like clothes, shoes, or even entertainment. People could get more jobs and reduce the chances of being unemployed. The currency also got established which allowed for easier money flow. The NEP allowed for trust to be gained between the people of Russia and the government itself because the economy is now more stable. The NEP also helped improved the lives of the common people which helped keep Russia in one peace and not get destroyed. The amount of peasant revolts decreased when the NEP was passed by the Bolsheviks(Corin and Feihn 155). This is due to the fact that the NEP removed the policies that were unfair to the peasants during War Communism. By doing this, the Bolsheviks had won back the support of the peasants and workers enough to stop them revolting against them. One of the important changes the NEP brought back to them was the “tax in kind” policy. This policy basically made it so that the peasants had to offer a much less amount of grain to the government as a form of tax instead of real money("New Economic Policy" 1). Peasants were a lot more happ
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