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Chapter 2

PSY 150 Chapter 2: Self

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PSY 150

I. Spotlights and Illusions a. Spotlight effect the tendency for people to focus on themselves and to overestimate the extent at which others aim their attention to you 1. Social surroundings affect awareness 2. Selfinterest effects social judgement 3. Selfconcern sways behavior 4. Social relationships play a defining role 1. Illusion of transparency facial expressions show emotion II. Self Concept: Who am I? a. Selfconcept how a person defines themselves 1. I am ______ 2. Selfschemas the beliefs that a person uses to define themselves 1. Schema= mental templates that allow organization of the world 3. Possible selves what a person believes they may become III. Development of the Social Self a. Role Play 1. New roles= selfconscious b. Social Identities 1. Gain confidence over time c. Comparisons 1. Social comparisons comparing your own abilities to those around you 1. Can cause diminished personal satisfaction d. Successes and Failures 1. Based on daily experiences e. Judgements 1. Looking glass self 2. Selfinflation more common in western cultures f. Culture 1. Western cultures = individualism selfcontained identity > independent self 2. Most other cultures= collectivism group identity > interdependent self 1. Greater sense of belonging 3. Cultures can change over time 1. Growing individualism 4. Culture can effect thinking 5. Culture effects selfesteem IV. SelfKnowledge a. Explaining behavior 1. Often falsely blamed on weather, day of the week, etc. b. Predicting behavior
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