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Chapter 3

SOC 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Social Forces

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SOC 101
Scott Tracy

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Two separate roles
After six days, ppl stopped being aware of the difference between reality and
their roles
They were all emotionally stable, mature, college, middle class
students...suddenly had a different role and became either cruel or servile
dehumanized robots
They didnt ask to be released from the experiment...but to be “paroled”
Types of guards
⅓: tyrannical
Some tough but fair officers
Some good guards, but never interfered with the bad guards or complained
Became so psychologically real
We all think we’re good people until social forces and our environment comes into
play...we actually have no cnotrol over ourselves
We dont notice them bc we usually avoid entering those situations and also look
down on ppl who violate them
Its better to just comply to the norms for most ppl
Prisons are more blatant forms of the social social and psychological oppression
experienced in ghettos today
Stripped of the humanity and rights...loss of values america was founded on
And leaders in prisons say its the rioters’ faults
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